Dish Rentals








Classic White Dinnerware

Dinner plate Euro Vertex

Salad/Dessert Euro Vertex Plate

Bread Plate Euro Vertex

Dinner plate Roma Delco

Soup Deep Rim Roma Delco

Bread Roma Delco

Salad/Dessert Plate Roma Delco

Dinner Deep Rim Plate 22oz

Appetizer Plate - Oven to Table

Appetizer Square Plate Crate & Barrel

Cup and Saucer 7oz


Creamer & Sugar set

Salt & Pepper

Soup Cup 7 oz


Contemporary Dinnerware

Dinner plate Contessa

Salad/Dessert Contessa Plate

Bread Contessa Plate

Charger Contessa


Glass Dinnerware 

Dinner plate Clear Glass

Salad/Dessert Plate Clear Glass


Vintage Dinnerware

Vintage Bone China Dinner Plate

Vintage Bone China Dessert Plate

Vintage Bone China B & B Plate

Vintage Bone China Cup & Saucer

Vintage Bone China Platter

Vintage Glass Punch Bowl and Glass cups

Vintage Glass Punch Bowl and Glass cups

Vintage Sterling Silver Punch Ladel

Vintage Sterling Silver Tea Set

Charger Silver Resin

Charger Gold Resin

Rattan Charger